So tell us a bit about yourself? 

My name is Austin Willis, I’m based in Brooklyn, New York byway of Hayward, California. I’m a racially ambiguous individual so a lot people can't guess where I’m from or what my cultural make up is. Let's keep things a mystery, that’s always fun. I’m also really tall and lanky, don’t think most people realise that until they meet me in person. 

How would you describe your work?

My work is very diverse in its own right. My practice is focused on painting, through this I explore and use a variety of different materials that feel best for me to express myself. Give the work freedom to develop their own life. 

Where do your influences come from?


Life, as generic as that may be I pull inspiration from everything around me. The people, the earth, the experiences, music, always a piece that helps shape who we are.

What is your personal philosophy in regards to art?


Just to always have fun and create freely. Don’t get caught up in the right or wrong cause they are two sides of the same coin. Just be you and make what feels best to you.

How do you integrate this in regards to your work? 


Create whatever I feel like. My main practice is painting. But I create with photography, graphic design, model, mixed Media. I just want have fun and do what feels good.

What projects have you worked on recently/are working on at the moment?

Currently I’m working on a body of work to hopefully have a show some time later this year. Got some stuff in store I’m excited to see them develop.

What projects are you working on/looking forward to doing in the future?


This current body of work that’s in progress and just what ever is next that feels right. At the moment just enjoying the process and defining my creative voice.

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