So tell us a bit about yourself? 

All of the CWDT (Can't Win Don't Try) family is is based in London, and naturally so are our events. Our first three exhibitions were held in East London and our Fourth; CWDT Presents: Death in Paradise, was held at Five Miles in Tottenham. We’re concerned about the democratisation of art, all of our events aim to create space for artists who wouldn't normally get prime exhibition spaces all whilst being in an environment which showcases both art and music in a more familiar, less intimidating environment than a typical gallery setting.

How would you describe your work?


For the team, whilst we are all artists in our own right, our work is the shows themselves. We aim to get people who wouldn't normally be in the sphere of galleries and exhibitions to attend our art show, combining elements from a Friday night like a full music line-up with our events to add energy to the proceedings of an art show.

What materials and disciplines do you work in?


Over the course of our shows, we’ve always tweaked each show to fit with the venue we’re using. We look at a space and build around that, so the venue informs the feel of the show - there’s no set formula or rule for our events and whilst there will always be art on the walls and live MCs, naturally, the shows evolve.

Where do your influences come from?


Mostly from being passionate about the arts and unavoidably, the night life in London. 

What is your personal philosophy in regards to art?


To take the prestige notion out of the art world and bring the enjoyment of art into the same sphere as the music industry. We digest veins of art differently, often making gallery spaces very intense and unwelcoming, whilst music is consumed in a whole variety of ways, tailored to the type of music you're listening to or the required sound system, the allowances made for viewing art are much smaller.

How do you integrate this in regards to your work? 


We have complete creative control over our shows, as every venue has different requirement and procedures, there are things we have to make allowances for but we are always in charge of creating this space and making sure it fits our ideals.

What projects have you worked on recently/are working on at the moment?


We had our fourth show in 18 months on Halloween at Five Miles, here we worked alongside Park View Secondary School to exhibit work from the school and give light to emerging talent, as well as our usual set up. Over these months we’ve refined our show to be what we feel is the culmination of talent amongst our generation, shown under our terms.

What projects are you looking forward to doing in the future?


We’re taking over the top floor of the Old Blue Last for Four Letter Weekend in February and have plans for our fifth show in the summer.

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