So tell us a bit about yourselves?

Exo’s writers are from various places throughout the country, but the magazine was born here in North London, which we think has had a pretty big impact on the kind of work we do. We love to champion London musicians, artists and projects - but having eyes all over the country helps us to know what's going on in each cultural pocket of the UK - making our magazine relevant to people anywhere.

How would you describe your work?


We like to think of Exo as an antidote to the predictability and sometimes contradictory nature of the current media, covering a wealth of topics in a non-intimidating, honest and accessible manner.

What mediums do you work with?


Besides articles, we’re also dedicated to putting out more interactive content (watch out for our video for Exo’s Grime Cypher event coming soon) on Exo TV and continuing to accompany each piece with high quality pictures from our talented in house photographers. Currently Exo Magazine is completely online, but stay tuned for any developments in physical copies of Exo, and a lot more Exo events throughout 2018.


Where do your influences come from?

We write about fashion, music, art and youth culture because these are the things that interest us. As all of Exo’s contributors are young people, and we are continually inspired by the energy of our friends and the things they’re accomplishing - so Exo is the perfect place to celebrate and promote the achievements of the other young people we admire.

What is your philosophy in regards to your project? How do you integrate this in regards to your work?


Exo means outside, meaning we are dedicated to producing content that stands outside of the status quo. Our motto is ‘Do Something About It’, and we try to incorporate this sense of passion, enthusiasm and urgency in all that we put out through Exo.

What projects are you working on/looking forward to doing in the future?

2018 is going to be a big year for Exo, we have some very exciting interviews lined up and have already got our eyes on some new talents to introduce you to. We’ll also be inviting some new writers to contribute to the magazine, so expect fresh content, new perspectives and a lot more Exo events in the New Year.


Peace, love and bun the tories. EXO | Do Something About It

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