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Kimera Collective is a multidisciplinary artist collective founded in January 2017. BLUE talked with its initiators about their inspirations, their desire to alter perspectives through art, and the importance of collaborative platforms for young artists.

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What inspired the creation of the collective?


It was inspired by a common passion and need to create something fresh and innovative – starting in our own country, and by the ambition to collaborate with artists from different fields all around the world.

What is your collective’s philosophy in regards to art? How do you integrate that in your work?

Our collective's philosophy is to showcase art in a more experiential way in unorthodox and unconventional spaces capturing people's attention and making it a memorable experience.

The selection of artists plays a fundamental role in this experience.
We seek raw, young talent – people who share the same passion and zeal for their work, and through the Kimera Collective platform we collaborate to give life to this experience.

The mission is to make bold statements through our work, to arouse people's curiosity, and to captivate everyone’s attention.

Tell us a bit about Kimera Collective.


Kimera Collective is a multidisciplinary artists’ collective that was founded in January 2017 by four young Cypriot artists - Aphrodite Koupepidou, Efi Melanidou, Erietta Melanidou, and Andrea Rotsaki.

Kimera Collective seeks to create a platform for diverse and multiple upcoming talents to collaborate on unique and ambitious projects in order to create spontaneous pop-up experiences projecting and promoting their work. To create ‘hybrids’.

Where does the name come from?

We were always inspired by the concept of ancient Greek mythology.

Kimera took its name from the monstrous mythological creature ‘Chimera’ (Χίμαιρα) - a fire-breathing hybrid creature composed of parts of three animals, often portrayed with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail.



What projects have you worked on so far and/or are working on at the moment?


Our first exhibition “Genesis” was the introductory exhibition representing the 'birth' of the collective, showcasing 6 artists from Cyprus. It combined different art fields such as fashion, sculpture, visual art, and fine art in an abandoned space in the middle of the capital.

Our second exhibition “Mainesthai” took place in an unforeseen, industrial space in the center of the old city. This year the collective hosted 10 young artists including international talent.

The team has also been in charge of the Art Direction of different freelance projects such as fashion editorials for magazines and interviews for online blogs.


Is there a particular message you’d like to get across through your projects?


Our platform offers support, motivation, and promotion for young talented artists to collaborate with each other. Collaboration is the key to grow, and good collaboration produces universal thinking. We want to broaden people’s perspectives.

What is it like to be part of such a collaborative group where each of you is an individual artist, but you strive to create something together?


Being young emerging artists ourselves, we understand, identify with, and relate to these artists; thus, there is a common need to help each other grow.

Having to work with artists from different fields enables us to enrich our knowledge and inspire each other to grow and evolve.

Where do your influences come from?


Our aesthetic inspiration derives from Greek culture and mythology, underground and industrial scenes, and the magic and rawness of abandoned spaces.


HER UTOPIA WAS A CHIMERA - Editorial, Cyprus, June 2017

What are your goals for the future as an artist collective?


Our future goal is to collaborate with more artists worldwide and to work with other collectives around the globe to keep widening people's perceptions and perspectives.

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