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17th October - 20th October @ Decoratelier, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, BX

Since its inception in the modern era, the concept of ‘autonomy’ has broadly been defined as an individuals capacity to act upon their free will. In theory, this translates as the ability to actively pursue and execute ones own wishes in a way that lacks interference from others, whether this be from another individual or from a governing body. From law to neuroscience, ideas of autonomy have played an important role in reshaping notions about the importance fo the self, thus working towards a greater understanding of the human as an individual an in preventing practices of exploitation and oppression that have tainted human history.

At the onset of a digital age, however, where the traditional concept of the ‘self’ as deeply intertwined with the physical body is once again coming under scrutiny, pursuing new ways to understand contemporary autonomy in relation to technology, has become a pressing concern. Through collectively investigating emerging concepts such as online identities, freedom of information, and connectivity, in Topia, BLUE explores a possible place for the agent in a now vastly interconnected world.

A single artwork made by over 12 practicing artists across in 7 different countries, Topia represents an experimental approach to object-creation made possible only through the utilisation of digital channels. The auteur-less outcome takes the form of an immersive video installation that transcends the limits of personal and national borders, utilising and speculating on the potential of digital networks and information flow.


Arna Beth, Andreas Mittermayr, Alessio Dispenza, Alfreð Drexler, Dian Joy, Dyrfinna Benita, Dora Brooks, Kasper Swierczynski, Nathaniel Mackie, Nikita, Sofi Winthe Foge

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Elléa Cartier

Pacôme Le Rouge
Sarah Caillard


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