So tell us a bit about yourself…Where are you from and where do you live right now?

My Name is Lorenzo Landicho. I was born in Manila, Philippines and raised in London, England. I moved to the UK permanently at the age of 3 or 4 after spending each year in-between the two countries. I have moved about 4 times around N/NW London, but now I currently live in NW London.

How would you describe your work?

I asked my friend Aamir how he would describe my work and he said this: “Your work is a blend of textures that derive from your own culture (Filipino) and the city you were raised in (London)” – So I am going to run with that. Also, anime & manga have always been big influences for me in my work. I’ve been using its imagery as my go-to visual references ever since I can remember.

What materials and disciplines do you work in?

The materials and disciplines I work with change quite often.  I remember being asked a similar question in another interview, and I remember saying something along the lines of  “Only working with pencils and crayons… and I will never stop doing that!”. Retrospectively, that was stupid of me to say. I’ve matured a bit since then and learnt not to limit myself. Before I was only using pens, pencils & paper when doing work but now I am finding myself using the computer a lot more. I would say that I combine Graphic Design & Illustration quite a lot throughout my body of work, however I love working on printed textiles too. It’s something that I’ve slyly wanted to do for a really long time but have been too scared to actually go for it.

Where do your influences come from?

I’ve always tried to take influence from my hobbies and other things I genuinely have interest for. For example, I enjoy reading and watching anime & manga which is why I refer back to it for visual inspiration. Another good example is that I really like clothes and I’m very much interested in my cultural heritage so I made a collection of ‘Hanten workwear hybrid’ Jackets inspired by my grandmothers’ and mothers family history and upbringing.

What projects are you working on/looking forward to doing in the future?

Currently I am working on an array of projects:
designing garments for a record label, doing the artwork for a recording artist and generally bulking up my portfolio for work…and cutting out negative people in my life…BOY BYE! In the future I hope to continue collaborating with interesting people and hope to get hired full time so that I can fully sustain my own life, I’ve been doing freelance design for too long. And: Going back to the Philippines.

What is your personal philosophy in regards to art?

That is a very hard question… but my answer to that would be to treat each project differently, some might take a day to complete, some might take months to complete, theres no recipe for good art. Just work at your own pace and if you’re happy with the outcome then yeah, share it!

How do you integrate this in regards to your work? 

My mindset is integrated in my work ethic. I had to understand that projects don’t have to take ages for it to be good. In fact, a lot of the projects I’m most proud of took less than a day to complete. I think I work
quite well that way. If I look at something I’ve spent too much time on, I’ll end up hating it. I just had to stop comparing myself with other people and start working the way I am most comfortable in. Others may like working on the same thing for long periods of time but I do not. 

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