So tell us a bit about yourself? 


I’m Sofie. Currently based in Amsterdam. Raised in Randers, Denmark. Spend a few years in Berlin as well. 

How would you describe your work? What materials and disciplines do you work in?


The human body has always been the center of my artistic interest. Using my own body as a starting point quickly led to including individuals around me. Exploring social relations and (non)communication within my artistic practice helped articulating on my main interests today: bodies, communication(connections), (hyper)reality. Themes closely linked to social behavior such as cognitive dissonance and the uncanny often appear within my works. It is inevitable to say that space and time plays a huge part in relation to this. Psychical, meta-psychical and mental space especially.

Working with mixed media allows me to create spacial, interactive works. Casting and moulding is a reoccurring method, where I am continuously experimenting with new techniques and materials. A central aspect in my work, no matter if it is sculptural, spacial, non-object based, sensory or performative is: affect and the emotional dimension of individuals involved (audience as co-creators).

Where do your influences come from?


Family and friends. I enjoy working together with people who inspire me. Collaborative works have often come to involve performative elements, which in turn has come to inform my own practice to an increasing degree.

What is your personal philosophy in regards to art?


I believe in exchange. I do not only aim to involve my audience but I wish to offer something, too. 


How do you integrate this in regards to your work? 


This is a very specific example. But I guess I try to relate to my audience during the process of making. I am the audience, too. I try not to differentiate. I see myself as the maker but for me it often comes down to human emotions and sensations. Which I believe to be universal. 

What projects have you worked on recently/are working on at the moment?


Lately I have studied the similarities and differences between beings and objects which led me to my latest obsession: the relationship between the human body and performance. I am curious to investigate and interpret performance as we know it and relate it to my sculptural practice; to use the human body as physical materiality (with)in the work. Lately I did a performative work ‘Service Center: Even though love can stop time cannot stop’ in collaboration with Mateusz Grymel and Dyrfinna Benita. My experience so far is that it does not only establish a link between the artwork and its audience but it also opens an early dialogue, allowing the artwork to participate and respond.

What projects are you working on/looking forward to doing in the future?


I’m currently in the preparation for my final graduation work at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie which will take shape as a performative choreography in a private setting within a public environment. A collaboration with my mother, 1966 and my littlesister, 2003. 

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