is a fragment of presence before consciousness alters it. 

takes up various shapes and scales and holds the

ability to be both detrimental to the self and others, or to deliver answers and present horizons to the self. The subjugating power of language in the form of identity politics has lost its merciless totality in contemporary subcultures, but has been replaced with an incessant striving towards self perfection/amelioration which polices the body and has invaded all aspects of life. The duality that western thought was coined by has disintegrated as both subject and object; mind and body have become commodities. Over the course of 23rd and 24th March, as part of Spring Performance Festival, Blue invites you to join our interdisciplinary art intervention, exploring the potential of

as a horizon to the self. The result is a social performance which shares qualities 

with pictorial art, the absurdity of which can be unmasked by radical self expression of intuitional sensation that is harboured in the present.

Visual Art:

Aurora JC, Carolina Calgaro, Dian Joy, Dora Brooks, Dyrfinna Benita, Forrest Xavier Lockhart, Nepheli Papadaki, Olivia Brown,  Sofi Winthe Foge, Yulissa Benitez



Andreas Mittermayer and Olivia Brown 



Bunny Michael, Countess Malaise, Emma b2b Sophia, Zanillya 



Bram van Dijk, 

Kotryna Buruckaitė, Mateo Vega


Bridget Nea, Sophie Valcour



Andreas Mittermayr, Lara Mazurski