What materials and disciplines do you work in?

take a multi media, approach although I mostly do photography, working with both film and digital cameras. 

So tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Yulissa Benitez, a student and a latina photographer from Queens, NYC.

How would you describe your work?

Some close friends of mine described my work as “ice cream melting but all the flavors melting together creating a pool of feeling...the way you see people in dreams-almost distorted but glowing and highlighting their best qualities” and I couldn’t pin point it any better. 

Where do your influences come from? 

My influences come straight from my feelings/moods. I try to interpret them into my art, sometimes when I listen to music or watch a movie it can influence the style of shoot I’m doing. 


What is your personal philosophy in regards to art?

If you aren’t creating for yourself first than what’s the point? Always try to push yourself even when you’re not inspired, you’d be surprise what you can create. Don’t let laziness or others work get to you!! 

How do you integrate this in regards to your work?

At times, my lack of inspiration leads me into a big hole of laziness that results in me not wanting to create. I hate going through it, so I push myself out of that hole and once I start I ask myself why I even bothered to stop. It’s almost like adrenaline! 

What projects are you working on/looking forward to doing in the future?

I want to start working with studio photography more, I’m experimenting right now with it. Usually I do more outdoor shooting. I’m incorporating more color schemes to set moods, I just invested in some nice backdrops and lights. Hopefully it works out my way!! I also want to start a short and do some high fashion editorials. 

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